21 March 2019
reverse osmosis

How to care for reverse osmosis?

Flow filters, using the reverse osmosis phenomenon, are one of the most frequently used home water treatment systems. They are mounted directly on pipes that deliver […]
20 March 2019
green water

Green water in tap – where does it come from? What to do?

Green water in the tap is a rather unusual sight; because no one is surprised by rust-coloured water with mechanical particles after breakdowns or maintenance works […]
18 March 2019

How many microns should a water filter have?

The micron, also known as the micrometre, is a unit of measure denoting the aliquot of the meter. More precisely, it is one millionth of a […]
11 March 2019

Can you drink water from a well?

Having your own well can be a very good solution. Many people decide to drill wells primarily for economic reasons – they have their own water […]