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18 March 2019
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Green water in tap – where does it come from? What to do?

green water

Green water in the tap is a rather unusual sight; because no one is surprised by rust-coloured water with mechanical particles after breakdowns or maintenance works but the green colour is complete novelty in many cases, and often a reason for anxiety. There are several reasons for this problem.

Preventive activities carried out every few years by a heating company may be one of the reasons for green tap water outflow. Sometimes the tightness of the installation is checked by adding colour additive to the water. The dye typically used is green. If green water flows in our household, it may mean that the network element responsible for producing hot water has been used up. If after unscrewing the hot water tap we see changes in colour, it will be a signal that some parts of the installation are leaky and it should be reported to the heating company.

Green water, or rather more water stains in this shade, can be found if a copper installation has been installed at home. At the beginning of using the copper installation you can experience a slight surprise. A green precipitate may appear in the kettle and on the ceramics. It is a sign of the presence of copper in water. If there is hard water in the building, a green deposit is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Greenish precipitate is formed as a result of combining carbonates responsible for hardness with copper washed out of pipes. Copper can corrode locally or along the entire length of the pipe. In addition, there are very frequent cases where corrosion occurs on the connection of copper with elements made of other metals.

Superflux of copper in the body is harmful to health. This substance in too large quantities may cause muscle, stomach, nausea, nausea, may disturb liver, heart and respiratory system.

It is easy to prevent such problems by using appropriate water filters, mounted directly on the plumbing system. Dafi flow filters have excellent purifying properties and are characterized by high filtration efficiency. The right set of filters allows you to get the desired effects, clean the water from the sediments, provide the right pH, and if necessary, soften it.