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11 March 2019
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Why and how the silica should be removed from water?

Why and how the silica should be removed from water?

Silicon in water is most often in the form of silica (SiO2). It occurs in concentrations from a few to several dozen milligrams per litter on average. It is not a compound posing a threat to the human body, but there are situations in which it is an undesirable component of water.

Is it worth to remove silica and how to do it?

Silica in water is not a problem as highly publicized as a high degree of water hardness or high concentration of iron, because it is not so burdensome in everyday life. It is found in the water in minimal quantities; moreover, our body needs silicon usually in the form of silica. Silicon is involved in building the skeleton, cartilage tissues and teeth. However, it may have unwanted effects in a few cases.

Water that is rich in silicon can be a source of problems if we have an aquarium at home. Especially in freshly installed tanks, you can see a dark patina depositing on the sand and on the walls of the filters. In most cases, it turns out that they are diatoms – algae, which usually appear when there is a high content of silicates in the water. Fighting these algae can be very tedious and requires a lot of time. Silicates cannot be removed by exchanging water in the aquarium, as they are also found in unfiltered tap water, which is usually used for topping up.

However, silica makes the most problems when using boilers and during stream generation. Many manufacturers alert about consequences that may appear after usage of water with this substance. Silicates are the main component of silicate stone. It is formed as a result of silica contact with even small quantities of calcium and magnesium ions, which can be found in boiler water. Water that contains silica in its composition should not be used to power boilers. It should be properly cleaned and brought to the parameters indicated before it

You can cope with silica in water thanks to reverse osmosis system, which is used in home Dafi flow filters. Flow filters have a functional, simple and solid construction; they can be assembled individually or in any configuration, directly on the water supply pipe. They have excellent purifying properties and clean water from silica perfectly